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Uploading Artwork

We can work with many types of files but prefer .pdf's or .jpegs (300 dpi) or vector artwork if possible. We try to review all files prior to printing to ensure that the artwork is 'print ready'. We do this for free and will do our best to let you know if an image or file is too small to print well, but ultimately trust that clients are sending us their best artwork. You can send it to us in one of the ways below.

If you file is under 20MB, you may email it to us at: FullColorPrintings@gmail.com.

For larger files, please send a link to the email address above through www.YouSendIt.com.

If these will not work for you, we can set you up on one of our FTP uploads.

If you have questions about your files or artwork please email us at FullColorPrintings@gmail.com. or call 216.227.8521

We're here to make your life as simple as possible and your printings as cost effective as possible.